Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Let us help you get set up for success

Count on Digital Additive to help you get the most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). From planning your implementation to launching your first campaign, we ensure your platform and data are configured to get the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Since 2013, we’ve focused on setting up “send-ready” SFMC accounts to meet our clients’ business needs. Plus, Digital Additive works exclusively within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform and regularly maintains multi-year partnerships with our clients as they grow. That means you can rest easy knowing your implementation is in good hands and get back to focusing on what you do best: growing your business.

Meeting Your Implementation Goals

When it comes to SFMC implementations, our first step is to really get to know you and deeply understand your company’s communication needs so we can build a solution that:

  • Supports a personalized relationship with your customers at scale

  • Builds a foundation for future growth

  • Maximizes the value of SFMC to ensure you’re getting the most out of your platform investment

Our SMFC Implementation Approach

At Digital Additive, we’re not only experts in setting up your SFMC implementation — we also know how to set your team up for success. You can count on Digital Additive to deliver:

  • Regular platform-focused meetings with your team

  • Configuration of key SFMC elements with best-practice guidance including:

    • Business Unit Setup

    • Sender Authentication Package

    • Sender Profiles and Reply Mail Management Setup

    • Migration of Existing Unsubscribe Data

    • Web Analytics Connector Setup

  • IP Warmup Plan

  • Comprehensive Platform Walkthrough with Key Users

Set Up Support Customized to Your Needs

SFMC is a robust platform, and ensuring you’re making the most of it can feel overwhelming. That’s why you can rely on Digital Additive to set up your account tailored to your company’s data and goals. This can include:

  • SFMC data architecture planning

  • Migration planning and execution

  • Integration with other Salesforce Cloud(s)

  • Enablement and set up of external data feeds

  • Email template development – with non-technical users in mind

  • Preference Management setup

  • Automated program use case planning and journey mapping

  • Journey/Automation buildouts and go live monitoring

  • Customized training on your SFMC instance

Want to discuss implementation possibilities for your company?

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Ready to explore the finer points of your email program or discuss what makes open rates soar? Drop us a line and let’s start a conversation.


Ready to explore the finer points of your email program?

Drop us a line and let’s start a conversation